Bowling Nets

Indoor cricket nets differ significantly from outdoor nets. They are often suspended on an aluminium track way (runners) which are fixed to the ceiling of sports hall or gymnasium. The nets can then drop 8–4 metres to reach the ground, before travelling at least 20 metres laterally, which provides a substantial practise enclosure.

Indoors nets are commonly multi lane, with 2 or 4 bay nets being particularly common. Unlike outdoor cricket nets where the netting is black, indoor nets tend to be white. They have a separate canvas screen which enclose the area immediately surrounding the batsman and rise to a height of 3 metres.


Bowling Machine

A bowling machine allows for problem batting areas to be worked out without causing bowlers to overdo themselves. On this same note, because bowler's tire and machines don't, the fitness gained by consistent bowling machine training will give a batsman an advantage during the long innings....The introduction of bowling machine as an alternative for practicing batting technique has definitely revolutionised the orthodox coaching methods in cricket batting. Bowling machines are used by a batsman to play a wide array of deliveries in a repeatable manner for practicing batting techniques.